We dam rivers to create electricity.  Global warming is causing a confusion in our waters.  Could it happen that hydro power stations will no longer supply us with electricity?  What does  the modern high-class housewife do when electricity is gone?

In this project (photographs and video) The Icelandic Love Corporation takes on the roles of three high-class housewives, who have escaped from their safe town houses to enjoy the last moments on one of the Earths last snow caps. They are dressed in their warmest furs, hunt fish and birds for food, sit by the fire and sing, crochet and contemplate. Their phones do not work, lap tops are long gone.  This is a luxury and a privilege, since most other places are sweltering hot.

Shot on location in the Icelandic highland. The atmosphere is a strange mix of realism and surrealism.  There is a focus on small details in contrast with the vastness of the landscape. Such as a stroke of cool breath coming from a mouth with closely painted red lips. 

The video presents long quiet scenes in the magical light of the Icelandic Mid Winter day. The  ladies faces express calmness and fulfilment.  A smile occasionally emerges as they appreciate their luck. They go on with their routines in a stoical way.  What else is there to do?


The work consists of HDV video 13 min and 9 photographs 70x100cm.

Edition 3

Commissioned by The Natural World Museum

for the exhibition “Envisioning Change” in connection to

the UN World Environment Day 2007

Curator: Randy Jayne Rosenberg

Photographer:  Bernhard Ingimundarson

Videographer:  Thorgeir Gudmundsson