Icelandic group exhibition at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Ghent, Belgium, july 2004.
ILC showed sculptures as well as performing
Intimacy Circus.

Curator: Edith Doove


Photographs: ILC
Performance photographs: Oli and Libia.

Intimacy Circus

McCarren Park, Brooklyn

In connection to an exhibition at Jack the Pelican Presents.

March 2004

Potographer: Elisabet Davidsdottir

Photo: Áslaug Snorradóttir

Intimacy Circus

Schouwburgplein Square, Rotterdam

Motel Mozaique Festival. April 2005

Potographer: Max

“Balancing Globe”

plexi globe, handmade shoes, sugar

Exhibition overview

“Ouija Board” engraved silver tray, champagne flutes.

“Circus Tent for Two” handmade linen tent, 70x100x150cm